Thom Hines

Hi! It's me,


I make web tools, code and design

(and teach some, too)


Here are some things I've made to help you make something of your own.



A suite of tools to help students plan for—and make it to—graduation.


Stop messing around and start doing stuff. A better to-do list to help you tame your busy life.

orderly v1.1

The world’s best, easist, most flexible grid system. Built for Sass.

Tinker v0.9.5

Making and editing websites painlessly.
It’s practically magic.

repeaterrrr v0.9

The clean and easy repeating timerrrr.

Testerrific 0.4.0

The absolute best, fastest, easiest way test your site

tabletop v0.1.5

A better way to manage your database.

square1 0.5.4

An intuitive, responsive image slider, perfect for portfolio sites.

cinch v0.8

A simple, streamlined way to combine, compress, and cache web files, including Sass, Less, and more.

validin v0.1.4

Elegant form validation.

Throttler v3

Control how often your function gets run with one line of code.


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